café au light project

Rural Development Through Electrification


The project was launched in February 2017 starting with the commercialization of 240 tons of green coffee beans, to be sold directly to European customers. An agreement has been signed by the three aided villages to sell the coffee beans, there are another 40 villages that have expressed their interest to participate in the project and a potential 500 villages suitable in the scope.

The project is managed by a consortium of:

  1. UDECOM: University for Community Development (Guinea).
  2. CIEMAT: Reference research and technology center (Spain).
  3. CLEANERGETIC: Expert in Renewable Energy (Spain).



Our Project has a holistic focus, founded in a strategic plan for a sustainable rural development. Obviously access to energy is an important element, but not the only one.


We base our approach in the Sustainable Development Goals with particular attention to:

The Target:

Our mission as project sponsors is to provide clean, affordable and convenient energy access to people in Africa. This access to energy shall contribute to a rapid and effective social and economical development to the communities where we operate.


Project is divided in blocks. We aim to bring investors and lenders to participate in the project funding blocks according to their interests.


We believe that the key to sucess is to sell local products in the market, to finance electrification and the infrastructure generation. Local community has to be engaged during the whole lifecycle. Project has to have a measurable impact in the quality of life of citizens and allow their social and economical development sustainably.


• This development is special for distributed rural electrification.
• Typically each individual user is disconnected for 10 seconds once they reach 90% of daily energy credit. If usage is not reduced, system shall be disconnected until the following day.
• If total system has excess of energy, users can benefit of credit extensions and they will receive coded confirmation to realize.
• We have a prototype able to measure consumption and disconnect or reconnect every user wirelessly.
• System has to be low cost. Every hardware shall operate 10 power relays to control up to 10 dwellings.
• This architecture solves limitations from current technologies.
  • Lowest cost with highest scalability (Microsoft Azure).
  • Technology agnostic.
  • No need to interact with the user, just pay.
  • No requires phone to Customer.
  • Wireless.
  • Remote configuration and upgrade.
  • Customer service friendly with Salesforce.


Coffee trade:


• Main source of revenue comes from selling agricultural products, mainly Green coffee beans, Cocoa and Palm Oil.
• Having Access to economical resources from selling local production we are able to finance the Project.
• Implementation shall go ahead based on the income generation and population needs priorities.
• In addition our Project is also open to external finantial institutions and lenders.

28022 Madrid (Spain)

Tel/Fax: +34 91 827 05 61


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