N.B. Details are not provided to guarantee Confidentiality with our Customers.
  • Continuous Technical Due Diligence in projects.
  • New service offer supporting radical construction costs reduction.
  • New servcie to provide maintenance to PV plants.
  • Café au Light group, SrL company is establised in Guinea and Spain.
  • First coffe trade of 12 sea containers expected by the end of the year.
  • Coffee processing factory under construction.
  • Defense of customers in court cases.
  • Field support of customers during construction, start-up and commissioning.
  • Design support to equipment manufacturers and systems integrators.
N.B. Details are not provided to guarantee Confidentiality with our Customers.
  • Continuous Technical Due Diligence in projects.
  • Defense of customers in court cases.
  • Management of warranty issues with component suppliers.
  • Upgrade of our quality system to ISO 9001:2015
  • Setup of Café au Light project. MoU signed with Ciemat and Udecom.
N.B. Details are not provided to guarantee Confidentiality with our Customers.
  • Independent assessment report 150MW in South Africa.
  • Technical Due Diligence 4 projects.
  • Technical support Development of 150MW in Latinamerica.
  • Court case litigation support.
  • Update of PV@RISK tool for IBC Solar
  • Big Data project in PV
  • Big Data project in CSP
  • Big Data project in Wind
  • Technical Quality and HSSE assurance on 6 installation companies in North America.
  • Root cause analysis on product failure.
  • Warranty support to module manufacturer.
  • Product development: Ultra light Thermal camera for Drone application and wireless cloud visualization and control.
  • Product development: Solar Home System with cloud monitoring and connection/disconnection. Affordable and operates up to 10 homes.
N.B. Details are not provided to guarantee Confidentiality with our Customers.
  • Multimillion bank warranty management in Europe.
  • Life performance analysis of a 10 MWp plant in Europe.
  • PV modules qualification (several brands and models).
  • Several risk assessments.
  • Several root cause analysis.
  • Supply of testing equipment to a recognised lab.
  • Technical Due Diligence of 15 plants in Europe.
  • O&M strategy and planning for a 5 MWp plant in LATAM.
  • After-sales service companies auditing. Global scale with site visits.
  • Development of a tool to assess bankability of PV modules when installed in harsh environments, such us Tropical, High Mountain, Deserts, Coastline, etc. Tool uses Monte Carlo analysis and Failure Modes modelling depending on local factors (Temperature, Humidity, UV, salt, etc).
  • Root Cause Analysis report on a failed solar thermal system in an sport center in Madrid.
  • Supply of a PV pumping system.
  • Supply of a system with Thermo-Photovoltaic modules.
  • Supply of different orders in Energy Efficiency, monitoring, PV, etc.
  • Definitive Acceptance Tests and Inspections of a multi sites and MW in Europe.
  • Measurement of 500 modules in a accredited lab to measure performance.
  • Measure of 15 modules in ISPRA and correlation with system performance in the whole plant.
  • Investigation of structural corrosion in a PV plant in Spain.
  • O&M agreement review and recommendations for a multi MW plant in Australasia.
  • PID (potential induced degradation) investigation of a multi MW plant in Europe.
  • PID investigations in the field with Electroluminiscence camera.
  • Full module inspection of a complete PV plant to detect hot spots and other failures. Working at height performing IV curves, IR scanning and Visual. Automatic registration of serial number.
  • Performance Contract verification of multiple PV sites and MW in Europe.
  • Several Root Cause Investigations, some of them with catastrophic failures.
  • High Voltage tests on Substations and MV lines in multi sites and MW in Europe.


  • Cleanergetic is registered in Spain.

  • Cleanergetic trademark is registered.

  • Cleanergetic is a member of Energy Efficiency Association: AE3.

  • CREE lab is established. 

  • Termography and analysis of PV modules, junction boxes and electrical connections of 4 MW power plant.

  • Termography and IV curves of 5 MW plant

  • Supply to several companies self-consumption devices. Inverters and Sunny home manager (monitoring)

  •  Development and installation of an on-line automatic power management system in 2 PV plants in Spain with 10 MW. System receives in real time power setpoints from the grid operator and automaticly reduces power as demanded maximizing energy harvest.

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Tel/Fax: +34 91 827 05 61


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